Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News Coverage of President Obama 9% positive? Interesting...

Graph compliments TalkingPointsMemo.com

Seriously. Now we can understand why the President's approval numbers seem out of whack with his job approval numbers.

To bring it home and make it more understandable...
Think about a person who goes to work everyday who arrives on time, take lunch at their desk, brings work home, turns in assignments on time never procrastinates but he or she never gets a raise or a promotion.

The lone black man in the Corporate office who is the invisible man even though he has more qualifications than his own manager and is more experienced than anyone else in the office yet he is not seen and relegated to do work that the new intern should do. No credit given for being experienced.


The kid who goes to school on time everyday, makes effort in math or science even though he/she might hate it, turns in homework on time, participates in class but he or she is made fun of day in and day out and everyone thinks he or she is a know-it-all and boring. No credit given for being smart.


Think of the athlete who has to sit out each game even though he/she puts in the time and makes effort at practice but in the end the kid, whose parent is the coach, gets all the opportunities to play. No credit given for being prepared.

The housewife who never gets a break or a thank you for all the work she does at home to keep everyone in clean clothes, well-fed etc. No credit for being a mom and a wife.

These people never get a break even though they show up and do the work day in and they out. These people are the turtles not the hares. They are not show-offs or loud mouths; they just get their stuff done. Yet,they never get a fair shake.

This is our President. He gets no credit. period.

The Main Stream Media in this country are full of bullies and are part of why we have a crisis of everything: morals, ethics, values etc. They celebrate the inept and the unlearned but those who put in the time and do the work get laughed out of the room.

This is why we never see as many Dems out there on television on Sundays and why no matter how much he tries the President cannot get a break.

However, I think they underestimate him at their peril. As he says he is accustomed being "the underdog". This poll shows exactly what he means. So no matter how they disrespect him or dog him on their pathetic shows or in their sycophant news papers he will keep going and get the job done. He does not need their approval because he is the damn President and in the end he has the biggest megaphone out there and he will be heard and seen when the rubber hits the road in 2012.

Let them keep on with their stupid antics because in the end the freaking turtle beat the hare!