Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life is it just a word?

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North Dakota passed 3 stiflingly strict, repressive and regressive abortion laws on Wednesday March 27, 2013.   The state made the national headlines with this move because it became the first to ever pass laws that would ban almost all abortions. This new law will ban an abortion at the first sign of a heartbeat and will set a precedent across the country. There is obviously a pattern emerging across the country that goes to the heart of Roe.  Kansas is the latest state to join the parade.

The brainiacs who passed the law in North Dakota must be proud of themselves but at what cost to women.  There are reasons upon reasons why women get abortions.  The decision to have an abortion is not arrived at lightly than most.  Yet, these morons sitting in their mothball ridden seats in a legislature in tiny Dakota have decided to throw a nasty wrench into the lives of many that will have national repercussions.  Who the hell are they to decide something so personal when they do not even know the lives and situations of so many.

Is life just a word to them?  

Why is it so important to protect the the mere sound of a heartbeat that has not morphed into anything more? What about the millions of fully developed lives and heartbeats out there: living and breathing sentient beings who have dreams, hopes, families, goals.  The time of these political hacks would be better spent making sure these living, breathing beings have  jobs, are able to support their families, send their kids to school for a first-rate education and are not in fear of gun violence at every turn.

Some say life is about the survival of the fittest amongst us.  However, sometimes we have to open our hearts and our minds to those who are not that fit but still deserve to live.  Life is a fight for survival from beginning to end.  Look at the way baby turtles struggle to find their way from just hatched eggs to the lips of the ocean in their fight to begin their journey to adulthood.  When baby tadpoles are born many are eliminated and only the strongest make it to live as a frog.  The journey of many creatures begin this way including human beings.  The sperm fight their way to get to the female egg, sometimes there is an anomaly, but usually only one will win.  Nature works in mysterious ways.

So tell me Dakota Legislators, and other  across this country joining you, who are you to decide when life begins? Are you soon going to take it upon yourself to tell us when a life should end as well? Oh, yeah you already tried that one, remember Terry Schiavo anyone?Your arrogance goes beyond boundaries.  You are willing to protect a barely decipherable heartbeat but are you willing to protect those who are already here amongst us who need your help and support? Please spend your time more wisely and give us sensible gun laws that will protect the living instead of passing laws that offend most.  Stop being so ideologically driven and do what is right for all of us not what is right for your party.  Do your job right and stop being driven by ideological polls and focus groups. Help us all to live better lives by making laws that help not hinder. 

Life, is it just a word to you?

Radical Abortion Laws going after 'Roe'

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